I have to say huge thanks to Surendrajat that inspired me with his blog post, because these days I’ve played a lot with Hugo, building my first website.

Thanks to his suggestion, I’ve found out GitLab offers free webhosting through GitLab Pages, a service analogous to GitHub Pages which allows you to manage your website through git. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Building my website was immediate. I looked into the collection of default themes to play around with many different ones. I’ve chosen PaperMod, a very minimalistic, elegant and versatile theme. I am really satisfied with it and it was really worth my time.

I currently don’t use any analytics software nor implemented comments under posts, and I am not planning to do so in the near future. I never liked to be able to see how many people watched each of my posts, simply because I don’t care. I write of what I like, and I blog for myself first. I will still answer to comments under my Mastodon posts, or you can get in touch with me in one of the platforms I use.

Now that I have built my website, I intend to stop using Wordsmith.social. I don’t regret to have started with it, in fact it is really simple, minimalistic, overall adorable to use, and I suggest that platform to anyone willing to begin writing a blog.

While I’m adding sections to my newborn website, I’ll keep writing posts for my blog.