My family problems are not solved, and those deep troubles caused me to inevitably fail the exam I was planning to pass. The situation itself has been happening for months and is causing me anxiety disorders, mild depression and mental fatigue, while suffering by periodic nervous breakdowns, which summed up they costed me the remaining energy. I can barely stand this, with the help of my sweet girlfriend (I wholeheartedly say I could have never met a better person).

I won’t reveal much details here in public, I can only say I have some family issues that prevented me studying and doing my stuff full-time and with my mind focussed on work.

Now, I’m here again. I am deeply sorry I complained here, probably not many of you wanted to read this kind of thoughts and confessions on a blog, but I felt the need to just speak about this.

Starting from tomorrow, I will keep on posting stuff here and write about things I love - at least I’m doing something I like really much.

Since I couldn’t pass the exam, I will also post some of its topics and things I found curious about what I am currently studying.