Today will be a new beginning for my blog.

After dealing with my grave family issues, I am ready to start again with this textual adventure; the last time it did not go really well (I only had a lucky strike when a guy posted one of my articles to Hacker News) and I was not satisfied with the quality of my posting.

I strongly desire to change some important things:

  1. I will not face the #100DaystoOffload anymore. That challenge was no good for me: I forced myself to write posts (roughly at least one every 3 days), but this compromised the overall quality of my posts. Posts weren’t ready, and I put there regardless. From now on, I will only post well-crafted and well-baked content, when I deem them ready.
  2. Italian translation is too much, I will definitely start a new blog in Italian, but when I’m ready to do so.
  3. I will apply a new writing process I’m refining. I’ll write a blog post about it.
  4. I will reorganize my life too. Too much negativity from too many sources. I must stop them.

Let’s do it again, this time better, smarter and more passionate. This is my personal challenge on writing.